Experts in our field


Gambler’s Help Southern staff are recognised as world-leading experts in gambling harm prevention and treatment.

Our specialists have presented both locally and internationally over the past year, expanding the knowledge of a range of stakeholders, including government, regulators, treating professionals and the public.

The knowledge shared through participation at these forums helps support the implementation of best-practice prevention and treatment methods across allied services, while the knowledge gained by sharing with other professionals enables our staff to expand the models used within Gambler’s Help Southern.

We are regularly called upon to provide expert commentary on the issues affecting our clients, and are regularly quoted in industry and community publications.

Over the past year, our team also developed articles that featured in local council publications, including the Mornington Peninsula’s Positive Ageing newsletter on the topic of surviving loss and loneliness.

In one such article, our therapeutic counsellor shared how her clients often express that gambling and/or drinking can be an escape from the feelings of loneliness, anxiety or isolation.

You can call Gambler’s Help Southern on 03) 9575 5353.

We are regularly called upon to provide expert commentary.

Improving wellbeing

Two community murals were developed to brighten social spaces when we worked with Castlefield Community Centre, Bayside City Council, DHHS and Victoria Police to improve the quality of life for residents on the Hampton East Public Housing Estate.

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