Path to quality

At Connect Health & Community we work to provide high quality service to our clients.

In October and November 2018, Connect Health & Community participated in the Victorian Healthcare Experience Survey.

This is an annual statewide survey of clients of the Victorian Public Health system including hospitals, rural health services and community health services.

Our clients responded positively to their experience at Connect Health & Community with 95% (1% higher than the previous year) expressing they were satisfied with the service.  They also said the care and treatment provided is the best part of their experience.

The survey also revealed :

  • 100% clients said they were always treated fairly
  • 85% of clients are English speaking
  • 85% would recommend us to family and/or family
  • 73% identified as female
  • 45% have been clients of Connect Health & Community for more than 4 years

Clients also said that our centre is easy to find with polite, compassionate and helpful staff.  They also expressed that they felt safe, with their privacy respected and the time spent with our team was good.

Working together


Our clients told us that improving the communication between our clinical services was one of our areas for improvement.

Connect health continues to develop its Integrated Model of Care.

We collect information on the diversity and service preference issues and use this to meet the needs of our clients and their family and carers.  Understanding the client’s aspirations is important for us to develop meaningful plans with consumers and relevant others to achieve their goals for health and wellbeing.  Goal-directed care plans are available to clients and form the basis for treatment and review.

Connect health is committed to providing feedback to referrers so that care can be coordinated across a variety of services.

We work together our specialist team and with our clients to ensure their expectations are met.

Our customer service team ensures that the needs of the clients are addressed at first contact.  The needs of the individual guide us, including those of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people and those with diverse backgrounds of culture, gender and abilities.

Connect Health & Community works with a range of clients including vulnerable children, disadvantaged communities, those at risk of homelessness and those experiencing mental health issues.

Seeking and using feedback

Feedback is continuously welcomed from clients, with an after-service feedback form introduced this year to ensure we are agile in responding to clients’ immediate needs and concerns.

This voluntary feedback opportunity resulted in more than 700 responses.  It highlighted themes of importance to clients, beyond the clinical service, that included wait times and parking availability.

This feedback allowed us to address these issues as they were identified.


If you would like to provide feedback on this report we would love to hear from you. Send an email to



Volunteers make the difference

No matter which area they support, how long they have been with us or how often they are able to help, every volunteer means the world to us. Read more